Hi I'm Himmi and I draw sometimes.

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Anonymous :  Hello~ I met you at camcon the other weekend and I was the girl who requested the soumako drawing (not me in person as I was working, but i was the one behind the idea and money haha). I wanted to say I'm in love with it like wow. It's like you went in my head and just drew exactly what I wanted! I was wondering if I would be able to request another commission from you? If you wouldn't mind contacting me or me contacting you that would be great!

Hi! Thank you so much for commissioning me at CamCon! I enjoyed drawing it too, so I’m happy that you liked it (●´ω`●) I’ll gladly accept more commission requests, if you would like to email me at mharako(at) and we can sort something out :)

On another note, I will be making a commission page very soon so please watch this space!


Another ink commission!

A few ink commissions I did for Saturday!

Anonymous :  Hi Midori, I met you on Camcon and got your business card. Just wondering if you use Deviantart at all? Would love to follow you there. Thanks! Clover

Hello! Thanks for picking up a business card! I do indeed have a dA (xsuperabbitx), but it’s not as active as it used to be. I have put up all of my recent stuff up there now though :)

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Camcon!! I had an amazing day. Will be working on prints and commissions now :)

I should get back to colouring prints OTL

I made an animal crossing print for the con!

These guys.

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