Hi I'm Himmi and I draw sometimes.

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One of my prints for the con! :>

Finally sent off my charm designs! I’ll be selling these at CamCon and later online. I can’t wait to get them (´・ω・`)

Making charms for CamCon!

Starting over :(

Hey guys, good news! I’m going to set up a table at Camcon this year! I’ll post more details when I get my table number and I get the prints finished and all that!

Bad news is that since I’ve been through reblog hell and drooling over fictional characters for the last few months and not drawing on here, I’ve moved all the fangirling and reblogs to another blog, and reserve this space for its original purpose. I mean, if I meet people irl and I show them this blog, I don’t want me crying about Makoto to be the first thing they see. I could have moved the art to another blog which probably would have been less of a hassle but it’s done now. *headdesk*

I’ll still keep posting here though! Sorry for the hassle. Thanks for the support.


Making the most of the snow ^_^

Cosplayer: Me


This was a fun photoshoot! If only I remembered my SD card…

I took some photos of my friend’s Journey cosplay!

(Source: Lifeconsumer102)