Hi I'm Himmi and I draw sometimes.

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Anonymous :  Hi Midori, I met you on Camcon and got your business card. Just wondering if you use Deviantart at all? Would love to follow you there. Thanks! Clover

Hello! Thanks for picking up a business card! I do indeed have a dA (xsuperabbitx), but it’s not as active as it used to be. I have put up all of my recent stuff up there now though :)

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Camcon!! I had an amazing day. Will be working on prints and commissions now :)

I should get back to colouring prints OTL

I made an animal crossing print for the con!

These guys.

One of my prints for the con! :>

Finally sent off my charm designs! I’ll be selling these at CamCon and later online. I can’t wait to get them (´・ω・`)

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